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Sustainable Tech's Paper Shoot Camera

Updated: May 14, 2022

My experience with the retro-stylized point-and-shoot

I'm a TOTAL camera enthusiast and love to get my hands on the latest and newest camera gear and equipment available.

Enter the Paper Shoot camera, a pocketable piece of tech that'll make you fall in love with lomography again.

This camera made its way into my life in early summer 2021. I got a DM from a friend forwarding me this video about a little paper camera that was going to revolutionize sustainable camera tech.

I was immediately intrigued!

After clicking on the company's Instagram profile and scrolling nonstop for the next several minutes, I really started to fall in love with this camera. Though little ... it was definitely FIERCE.

With cases made of stone paper and camera boards recycled from bigger businesses, Paper Shoot is a small company looking to redefine the disposable camera aesthetic without the added costs of developing.

Featuring a 16-megapixel camera, automatic exposure adjustment, four built-in switchable filters (color, black and white, sepia, and cool tone), and the ability to take 10-seconds of video and time lapse, this little camera can do a lot more than you'd think at first glance.

Here's a photo sample I took with my Paper Shoot camera down below!

The Paper Shoot camera is marketed as a forward-thinking, eco-friendly digital camera, aspiring to promote creativity while remaining in the moment. I couldn’t agree more with their message.

As a fan of film photography and a proud owner of a 1957 Bell & Howell Electric Eye and 1985 Pentax K1000 (thanks Mom & Dad for the hand-me-down <3), I’ve always loved the look and vibrancy of film, but developing fees sure can sneak up on you. I decided to order a Paper Shoot for myself and really see what the hype was all about.

Despite there being backorders due to the chip shortages, I was kept very well informed by the North American branch owner and CEO Gillian every step of the ordering process. She responded promptly to my inquiries and sent me near-exact estimates for when my camera was going to be shipped. Now, THAT's exceptional customer service!

For my initial order, I purchased a camera with the Vintage 1930 casing, brass fasteners included. I also snagged their CROZ Simple Light premium case soon after, eventually adding in the SIM card that allows you to record audio as well.

The price was a little daunting to me at first, retailing at $120 for their standard paper camera (featuring a case of your choosing), but factoring in what you'd be spending on disposable cameras or 35mm film, you’re definitely saving money in the long run with this cool alternative.

The Paper Shoot camera houses an SD card memory system, allowing you to take 32 GB's worth of photos and videos. Sounds a lot better than a 36-exposure reel of film, right?

Like an SLR, there's no check-back to see your photos until you upload them, leaving a sense of mystery behind every picture. All you have to do to see your photos is plug the camera in to your computer at the end of the day and you're all set!

Not to mention ... it's pretty decent in low light, too!

The picture quality of the Paper Shoot camera isn’t meant to be on par with that of an iPhone, but rather emulate the look of film and I've got to say ... it does quite a good job doing so.

Something to keep in mind ... the eye-piece of the camera board doesn't directly connect with what your camera is seeing, so you'll definitely need some practice to nail composition when you're taking photos.

Regardless, there’s something so charming about the retro aesthetic and this camera definitely caters to an audience looking for a lo-fi and lomography feel.

Here are some more of my photo samples to look at!

Though this camera could never replace disposables or film, it’s definitely an awesome and eco-friendly alternative for someone looking to get the same feel.

Less is always more with film photography and the Paper Shoot camera continues that same mission, helping to keep you in the point-and-shoot moment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Paper Shoot camera and are interested in getting one for yourself, check out their website

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