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Pocket Cinema Cameras Just Got Better Internal Stabilization

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The end all, BE all GYRO FEATURE that has us cinematographers ROLLIN'!

Let me tell you what ... Blackmagic Design is really slick for this ...

Starting with its ever-so-famous 4K Pocket Cinema Camera, Blackmagic's been keeping a very special feature hidden from all its camera buyers.

That is ... UNTIL NOW!

Ladies, gents, and non-binary beauts, I present to you: GYROSCOPIC DATA CAPTURE.

Now, I'm a fan of handheld camera work just as much as any cinematographer (especially when I'm on the go with my run-and-gun wedding rig out), HOWEVER, having the option for decent stabilization every once in a while definitely shouldn't be passed up.

In the moments where our shooting ground isn't so level or our hands are shaky after a 12-hour production day, we, camera operators, can benefit from the use of warp stabilization. That being said, the type of "warp" we're talking about can sometimes come out kind of funky.

With this effect, backgrounds and subjects' faces can sometimes look distorted as the stabilization process takes place. Not the most reliable solution, is it?

Wouldn't it be great to have another, BETTER option!?

Well, now you can!

Check out the OFFICIAL release material by Blackmagic Design!

With the release of BMD's Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro G2, hardware developers revealed a hidden feature many of us have been asking about FOR AGES.

And the best part? The system-wide update that comes with Blackmagic's newest cameras activates a dormant gyro measurement feature in ALL THEIR POCKET CINEMA CAMERA SERIES!

Like EXCUSE ME! Where have you been all my life!?

Available in Blackmagic's well-hyped up BRAW CODEC, gyro stabilization captures your camera's internal data (height levels, exposure, focal length, tilt and roll percentage, etc.) to hold onto for processing in post production.

With BMD's Davinci Resolve Studio editing software (FREE with EVERY Blackmagic Camera, might I add), users now have the option to select "gyro" in the stabilization category.

Now, the gyro feature will analyze the footage's internal data and better adapt its AI system to track and stabilize the framework ... this time with MINIMAL SHAKE and less aberrations!

Gimbal Productions on YouTube has an amazing tutorial and footage test to check out if you'd like to see the Gyro Stabilizer feature IN ACTION!

If you ask me, there's no better stabilizer option for these budget cinema cameras.

All my metadata analyzed with the simple click of a button for smoother, more luxurious-looking footage? COUNT ME IN!

What do you think of Blackmagic's new gyro feature? Comment your thoughts below!

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