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Vintage Edits are IN!

Why YOU should opt for the "retro look" in your next video edit!

Listen ... I love a good lens flare as much as anybody, so you'll be happy to hear I'll be doting on them CONSTANTLY throughout this post.

You could call it a part of my own personal editing style, or better yet (as more editors incorporate it into their pieces) the resurgence of retro-influenced content creation.

In other words, vintage edits are IN, baby! And they're not going away any time soon!

I first picked up on the emerging trend while scrolling through my Instagram Reels feed last September. I follow LOADS of content creators, cinematographers, and editors online. At this point, I feel like my feed is basically the equivalent to a video creator's encyclopedia.

Getting to watch all their different editing styles contrasting one another is so fascinating as a young content creator myself ... but I started to notice a string of similarities that connected them.

Lens flares and VHS-style transitions, glitch effects on graphics layers, film burns and film leader screen overlays connecting shot-to-shot ... it felt like I was being transported to the 90s!

Grain and film noise were being stylized and scratches were being welcomed with open arms. The push for crisp clean footage was no longer a necessity. Online, the beauty of grit and imperfection was now being embraced.

Some of my favorite video creators had now been branding their content to have a more vintage feel, upping the color contrast and saturation in all their digital media.

And guess what? It warranted TONS of viewer engagement.

150k likes ... 1,000+ comments per post just on Instagram Reels alone? Social media users are really eating this content up. Even app developers globally are finding ways to emulate the retro-digital and analog aesthetics for your photos and videos.

This trend inspired me to incorporate these vintage elements into my own work, helping me distinguish my own personal editing style.

I tried it out on a video "A Love Letter to the Memories I'd Forgotten" which was my first deep dive into this retro-editing aesthetic. I'd come across some old footage on my first video camera, a JVC Everio 2012 digital camcorder.

The footage was of a trip I'd taken to New York City several years back, but the memories still held strong and true. I added some old-fashioned radio-style narration to seal the deal, not doing much to the footage; just adding cuts and transitions.

This short, minute-long piece came out more beautiful than I'd imagined.

It wasn't perfect in terms of cinematography, of course, from my teen-hood, but it was raw and real ... all the reason to continue creating this type of content.

If that isn't enough of a reason to hook you into joining the vintage editing club, the nostalgia surely will. If not for someone else, then for yourself.

Take a look at "A Love Letter to the Memories I'd Forgotten by clicking the thumbnail below!

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